Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ain's Preloved VTECH Vsmile Smartridges

RM 45/each
Preloved item in VERY GOOD condition

The Lion King: Simba's Big Adventure
Follow Simba, the beloved lion cub through some of the best moments and toughest challenges of his life! Kids join Simba on a thrilling journey through the Pridelands where they engage in challenging games and activities that teach key preschool skills like animal identification, counting, shapes and more.

Dora's Fix It Adventure
Come on! Help Dora and Boots find the missing parts of the Air-Car-Boat-Mobile for Tico before Swiper the Fox gets them first! Along the way kids will learn about shapes, colors, animals, numbers and logic so they can help Dora and Boots succeed
Cars: Rev It Up In Radiator Springs
McQueen is stranded in town on his way to the big race. When everything is damaged by a gang of tractors, he wants to help his new friends put the town back together. Help McQueen re-build the town while learning lots of new skills, including math, shapes and logic.

Alphabet Park Adventure
All the machines at Alphabet Park have gone haywire! Help Grandpa to fix them by battling through each themed environment, tackling the obstacles and solving the problems along the way to collect all the escapred power rings! 12 activities focus on letter recognition and letter order, phonics, spelling, colours and shapes.

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