Friday, April 26, 2013

Brand New Seiko SBBN023 aka Tuna can with Golgo 13 collabration

Brand new in box Seiko SBBN023 featured  with High end quartz 7C46. The watch comes complete with memorable Golgo 13 collabration cartoons character which was chosen for Seiko Prospex product. This is a JDM model which is sought after for uniqueness in dial appearance.
For any international enquiries, we will ship based on your location plus additional EMS shipping cost fron 35USD onwards. Payment strictly paypal + 4% fees.
Selling for USD 1200 inc free poslaju delivery for Malaysia customer only.

Preloved Seiko SRP03K1(Sold to Finland)

Preowned Seiko spork in good condition. I will rate it at 85% for physical appearance. Movement keeps good time with power reserve at 50hrs. This movement is an upgrade from seiko 7S26 which become a workhorse for most seiko entry level model. There is a swirl, spot hairline scratches over the case, and visible markers at bracelet endlink. The watch come with original box, original ss bracelet(which was sized for 6.5" wrist, addirional link available) n cert from Malaysia local AD. The aftermarket rubber band pictured here is not included. Manufactured in year 2009 and no longer in production since 2011.
For any international enquiries, we will ship based on your location plus additional EMS shipping cost from 35USD onwards. Payment strictly in Paypal which i ll absorb the paypal fees.
Selling for USD 460 inc free  poslaju delivery for Malaysia customer only.

Monday, April 15, 2013


Untuk makluman,

Pihak kami akan berpindah ke FB pages Petit Bebe, Malaysia. Ini adalah untuk mengelakkan kekeliruan pelanggan samada jualan barangan adalah TERPAKAI/PRELOVED (USED). Ataupun boleh melayari blog kembar kami iaitu Petit Bebe,Malaysia yang kini masih dalam proses pembikinan.

Diharapkan dengan penghijarahan ini akan meyakinkan lagi pelanggan2 diluar sana terhadap barangan yg kami bawakan.

Walaupun begitu, page ini masih meneruskan operasinya & mengalu2kan sebarang periklanan untuk barangan TERPAKAI dengan TERMA & SYARAT yang akan ditetapkan. Sebarang pertanyaan lanjut, bolehla berhubung dengan kami melalui emel : atau terus PM message box kami.


Saturday, April 6, 2013

Ain's New Baby Headband

Cute baby headband
4-4.5 inches bow with no clip baby headband
RM 10/each or RM 25/3pcs
Please choose according to code.