Monday, December 6, 2010

Ain's Preloved LEAPFROG Lulu The Letter Spinning Spider (SOLD)

Preloved item in EXCELLENT condition

Lulu, from the LittleTouch book Lulu the Letter-Spinning Spider, comes to life in this educational plush toy! Lulu introduces letter names and "The Alphabet Song," and sings rhyming songs that help develop speech and language, and improve phonemic awareness.

Three fun learning modes:
Letter Names Tap Lulu's tummy to hear and see letters progress from A to Z.
Alphabet Fun Sing along to Lulu's alphabet song and tap her tummy to add fun sound effects.
Mystery Letter - Watch as Lulu spins a letter, and try to guess the letter.

Learning Skills :
1) Alphabetical order

While many children can sing the alphabet song, the ability to sequence letters in order signals the understanding of letters as individual units of language.
2) Letter names

Young children typically recite or sing the alphabet before they recognize individual letters. By preschool they begin to identify letters by name and shape. 
3) Sequencing

Infants understand sequence in terms of time. By 18 months, some toddlers can recite number names in order, and some develop the ability to count things by applying number names to items in order.
4) Rhyming

The act of rhyming directs a child's attention to the similarities in words (hat sounds like cat). Because sensitivity to rhyme comes quite naturally, it is an excellent entry into phonological awareness, or the ability to distinguish individual sounds in words.

Recommended Age : 6 to 36 months

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