Saturday, October 23, 2010

Ain's Preloved Transformer Optimus Prime Helmet (SOLD)

Preloved in VERY GOOD condition

Product Description

Become the mighty leader of the Autobots. Defend the earth against the Decepticons as the invincible Optimus Prime. Lead your fellow robots in a battle to save the all spark from the duel hands of mighty Megatron. 
Battle phrases included: "Autobots - roll out, I am Optimus Prime!, Megatron is in my sights!, We must protect the AllSpark cube! The Decepticons must be stopped!" 

Hear Optimus Prime change from a truck to a robot and back. Make your voice sound like a robot. Easy-to-adjust straps allow you to fit the helmet comfortably on your head.

Features cool conversion sounds and movie-voice phrases! Requires 3 "AA" batteries.
Adjusts to fit head sizes ages 5 through adult. Measures 11" x 10".

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