Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ain's Preloved AVENT Express Steam Steriliser (SOLD)

Preloved item in GOOD condition
Tested & functioning well

Few units available:
1. SOLD (Zarina JB) 
2. SOLD (Nora Muar) 
3. SOLD (Watie) 
4. SOLD (Mary)
5. SOLD (Aida)

The safe, fast, easy way to sterilize breast and bottle feeding equipment.  The AVENT Express uses the hospital method to sterilize your baby feeding items in approximately 8 minutes.
Just add 90ml of water and switch on. The intensive heat of the steam rapidly kills all the harmful bacteria that can cause tummy upsets in your precious newborn. And there's no on-going cost for sterilizing solution, and no nasty after-taste or smell.

The AVENT Express has been specially designed to hold our award winning ISIS breast pump and anti-colic bottles. Their unique teats allow you to combine breast and bottle feeding with ease, whether you use bottles for expressed breast milk or formula.

FAST - sterilizes in approximately 8 minutes
LARGE - takes 6 AVENT bottles
INNER RACK - transforms into dishwasher basket for small items


  1. hi ain.
    what is the different this steriliser with the one you post before at rm150?
    do this item still available?

  2. basically no different..only the other set comes with it original box

  3. Masih ada lagi ke? barang2 seme complete ye?

  4. Item ni ada included inner rack for rm125 ni dah almost sold out..tinggal yg RM 150 je(