Monday, May 3, 2010

Ain's NEW My 1st. Leappad Book - Two Princess Tales & The Wiggles

RM 38/ each

   Product Description

Join two of your favorite Disney Princesses: Belle from Beauty and the Beast and Jasmine from Aladdin on their own enchanting adventures! First, jump in and help Jasmine find her best friend Rajah. Then visit Belle's castle where her friends try everything to cheer her up. 
This Preschool Reading book will keep your child entertained with music and activities on every page. 

What it Teaches: * Reading comprehension * Vocabulary development * Character emotions * Beginning phonics

Your child will love the zany fun of the Wiggles' Greg, Murray, Anthony, Jeff and their friends are here to teach your child crucial preschool math concepts. This interactive book engages children in a fun story while teaching new skills. It features the Wiggles and their friends having fun with music, food, travel and animals. Throughout the story, math lessons and concepts are incorporated into the fun. Your child will love learning along with the wild and wacky Wiggles characters.

What it Teaches: * Measurement * Matching * Counting * Shapes * Music

(This is a cartridge for a MyFirstLeapPad and cannot be used by itself. 
The actual item may vary from the photographs and/or illustrations. 
Preschoolers just place the flip book on the My First LeapPad System, pop in the cartridge, and touch any page with the Magic Pen to bring learning to life.)

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